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    Citagenix Instrument kits catalogue

    Citagenix Instrument kits catalogue

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    Monoglyc Suture Brochure

    The smooth monofilament surface structures of the Monoglyc™ polymer result in excellent handling and tissue passage properties. Tissue trauma from suturing is virtually non existent with Monoglyc™, and the monofilament structure prevents bacterial wicking. Monoglyc™ smooth surface provides excellent handling properties, combined with the sharp and high quality needle allow for atraumatic passage through tissue.

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    Biotex PTFE Sutures Brochure

    Biotex™ Non-Resorbable PTFE Suture is comprised of a single-arm, non-resorbable monofilament suture with a stainless-steel surgical needle connected to the suture. The suture is uncoated, undyed and sterile for single use only, composed of 100% PTFE.

  • The Regen Company

    Citagenix is a premier supplier of grafting products to dental surgeons, periodontists, and implant dentists across North America and around the world.

    Since 1997, we’ve built a uniquely comprehensive line of best-in-class dental bone grafts, barrier membranes, surgical instruments, wound dressings, and specialized instruments. We’ve also built the best customer support team in the industry.

    Our customers know us for our in-depth applications knowledge and complete product range. Our products are known for their clinically-proven efficacy and superb handling characteristics. As a 20-year market leader, we conform to the highest standards of sourcing, manufacturing and quality control.

    Today, we are active and growing in more than 25 countries.